Nine To Never Is…


Jennifer’s parents could both carry a tune; from her Dad singing Frankie Vallie songs or her Mom belting out classic country, music was always a part of her upbringing. She sang in her church choir, but did not seriously pursue singing until the age of 18 when she first sang in front of a large crowd at a county fair. She auditioned for the Johnnie High Country Music Revue show in Arlington, TX and the Grapevine Opry, where she performed at both venues numerous times. From weddings to funerals, to hundreds of karaoke performances, she was hooked on her passion of singing. She also wrote and recorded with local Dallas area musicians. With Chris and Spencer as her music partners, she is ready to take music to the next level in her life.


Chris started in music at the age of 9 on the recorder in school. Eventually he learned the drums as this was his instrument of choice. He learned and played heavily throughout his childhood and began playing the guitar at age 15. In high school, Chris received classical piano training. Eventually, Chris started hosting open mic’s at the local coffee shop’s and bar’s in the area. Chris has worked with several notable musicians and has participated in several moments that defined Chris’ drive, dedication, and mission; to play music professionally everyday. Chris grew his experience and had the opportunity to “fill in” when needed. Chris was always involved in music on every level, from recording friends in his in-house studio, to filling in for bands in various roles on drums, guitar, or bass.


With any instrument, you reach a point at which you find that you’ve learned all the the theory and technicality that the book has to offer. You’ve learned the form, substance, and personality of each note and chord and scale. You’ve learned what progressions can bring joy and which can cause pain. Eventually you find that the music you create is no longer structured. Your music begins to come from somewhere within yourself, so that each piece you play becomes a catharsis.